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Why Are You Still Ignoring Social Media Marketing?

At Damala Copywriting, a common question we get is whether social media marketing is worth the investment. Let’s look at numbers from the Pew Research Center, which reveal that every day:

·      Nearly 8 in 10 adult Americans log on to Facebook

·      Nearly a third use Instagram  

Upgrade your copy and marketing for of this.

·      Almost a quarter use Twitter

·      About 30% use LinkedIn  

·      Around 30% hit up Pinterest  

Yes, social media is unavoidable – but it’s a business mistake to think that it’s just for millennials or social butterflies with too much time on their hands. As part of your marketing strategy, it’s no longer optional. If you haven’t added social media marketing to your brand-building arsenal, your business isn’t thriving like it could.

One of the most obvious reasons for making social media a prominent part of your marketing strategy is that customers can find and connect with you more easily. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, for example, engaging them will

  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Increase their loyalty
  • Keep them coming back.

But that’s not all. Here are four other, lesser-known reasons to market using social media:

"Social Listening" to Know Your Customer Base

Tweet. Retweet. Like. Comment. Upload images. Every time your customers do this, you get information about their wants, likes, and opinions. When you pay attention to these every day, you’re engaged in social listening, and you serve your market better.

Target Ads, Get Real-Time Results, and Convert More

Want to reach the right market? With traditional marketing, you can’t focus your ads, so you target everyone. That's so 20th century. It's inefficient.

With social media marketing, however, you can target only your niche based on such things as location, gender, connections, interests, age, industry, behavior, etc.

Furthermore, because you can track your ad’s costs, performance, and results, you get more of the web traffic you want.

Target decision makers who can take better advantage of what you’re offering, and your conversion rates improve.

(Customer) Experience Is Everything

To be successful in today’s uber-competitive world, your customers expect you to be on social media, and they want 24/7 engagement. Gone are the days of thinking that building a relationship with customers is a waste. Make them a part of your online experience – and they’ll think of you when they open their wallets.

Keep Your Customers Close – and Your Competitors Closer

Use social monitoring to keep tabs on – and stay ahead of – your competition. Track your industry’s keywords and the mentions of your competitors as well as their services and products. Accordingly, you can improve your services, products, content, and, ultimately, bottom line.

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