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4 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2017

Remember when social media was dismissed as merely a distraction for kids or even lazy millennials? To many people, not anymore. 

These same people believe it’s integral to the survival of their business; if you’re not on it, keeping up with it, or maybe even blazing trails with it, you may be yesterday’s news by tonight.

Social media never stays static – and neither do social media marketing trends. For your business to survive, you have to keep up and evolve with social media marketing (SMM). But how do you stay ahead of the curve when, seemingly every day, features are being added or improved upon that make SMM more viable?

At Damala Copywriting, we believe that strong, persuasive copy will always reign supreme. It may come formatted in 140 characters or mailed in a big direct response envelope, but words are more important than what "fashionably" surrounds them. 

Nonetheless, in 2017, some fun things are on the way that can be integrated with still-useful conventional marketing practices. Here are 4 social media marketing trends to look out for.

The Trouble with Twitter

The shelf life of Twitter hangs in the balance, and the prognosis isn’t good. Twitter’s bite-sized nuggets were once the perfect morsel to sate users' unending binges, but not anymore, especially in business. Too many tweets come and go and get lost. It's a nightmare for many businesses. 

What users want more of, instead of countless tweets, are details, interesting content, and infrequency.  

Snap Will Be Popping

In social media marketing and business, the former Snapchat was usually a miss.

Part of the incentive to rebrand  as Snap was to declare its evolution from something more than a toy for middle schoolers. Snap's appeal lies in its moment-centric communication, which marketers are discovering can revolutionize their marketing. Furthermore, the Snap brass is focused on developing products to suit your company’s messaging needs, so keep your eye on Snap. It may now be the hit you’re looking for.

Show Don’t Tell

It’s never been enough just to tell; untold fortunes have been built on marketing that shows what it’s like to be there, allowing customers to live vicariously through real-time videos, live updates, and 360° images.

Speak directly and interact with your customers better – make them sweat, scream, and shiver. Your bottom line will thank you.

But then, you already knew that, right? 

It's all about the copy.

Content Style Will Continue Its Metamorphosis

For too long, practical posts that merely inform have been the aim. But that's boring. 

What goes viral? Ones that touch raw emotions that go viral.

As social media marketing trends evolve, so does the value of what you impart and how you impart it. Practical is becoming less important while imagination and inspiration are becoming increasingly so.

To thrive, find a way to deliver your practical content aesthetically.

Got a Compelling Copy Problem You Need Solved? We Love a Good Challenge...

Social media is transitory, but since we here at Damala Copywriting keep up with the latest in social media marketing trends, we know that what's fresh with your coffee is often stale by lunchtime.  

To us, the timeless art of persuasion still works, even without all the bells and whistles that today's world seems to demand. In fact, we know an even more effective method. 

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