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What's Up in Copy and Marketing?

Don’t Underpay for Good Writing or Marketing (But, FFS, Don’t OVERpay for S***ty Marketing, Either!), Part 2

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Presumably, you don’t have a marketing budget like Nike, Apple, Audi, Uber, Starbucks, Papa John’s.

Even if you do, why be inefficient with your marketing budget?

Inefficient? you say.

Yes. Why are you being inefficient?

Don’t believe me? Answer this question:

How’s Your Ad Tracking Budget?

It’s simple. All advertising in which you cannot or do not track an ad means that you cannot to determine its ROI.

Think about it.

While you do, hear me out... 

I live in Los Angeles, and almost every day – regardless of what part of town I’m in – I see ads on sidewalk benches. You know, like at bus stops.

I had always wondered – Do they make money from these ads? And what’s the ROI?

But I figured I didn’t need to ask because I knew: not much and no way to tell.

However, recently, I discussed this with several people – a lawyer, dentist, real estate agent, tax man, bail bonds shopowner – and wasn’t surprised to learn that the most common answer is I don’t know or I don’t keep track.

Never mind that they’re not marketers, but that is unacceptable.

Those are ominous harbingers for their businesses.

If your marketing budget is five figures or higher per month, you can “afford” to be ignorant (though it’s still not efficient).

But if you’re a small business… A doctor with a thriving practice - and a mountain of med school debt... A baker with donuts people line up for - yet with no time to look into expansion... A tattoo shop owner with the skills to ink but no patience to market... Or a restaurant with the "it" food - yet not enough of "it" in the bank.  

In other words... 

If you depend on the local community for survival, you can’t afford to be ignorant.

So how do you know that the copywriter you've hired is the marketer that helps you acquire that long-sought-after beachside villa?

That's in Part 3.

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