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What's Up in Copy and Marketing?

Don’t Underpay for Good Writing or Marketing (But, FFS, Don’t OVERpay for S***ty Marketing, Either!), Part 3

Earlier, in Part 2 of this short series, we discussed why tracking your ads is so important: to make your marketing more efficient. In Part 3 today, we talk about creativity and how it kills marketing.

Creativity Isn’t the Answer, Either

Every time I hear someone - copywriter, marketing "guru", consultant, anyone - inquire about creativity in ads, I roll my eyes.

First of all, marketing is not about being creative. It's about persuasion. And emotion.

Yes, we love the Super Bowl because of the memorable, creative ads (and we'll be discussing those soon enough), but presumably, you're not a mega-corporation with an out-of-this-world marketing budget.

“I know your profits are down 8%, so if you wanna change that, let me know.”

Hershey has fashioned a series of TV commercials for its Icebreakers gum. Perhaps you've seen it. Each of the millennial protagonists has a unicorn "friend" that seems to be their muse or good luck charm. I'm not sure.

In fact, it's clear that the admen and adwomen at Hershey enjoy wasting money and wishing for unicorns.

What is the message in the ads? That a muppet sitting in his mom's basement can craft a novel when he eats the gum? That the moron wanting a 3-week vacation because she thinks she's not "standard" deserves more time off than her peers? 


But the ad with the incompetent slacker who actually rides the unicorn into a corporate mixer is the real crime - the writers of that ad basically stole money from Hershey. 

I mean, seriously... This ad says what? What is the hook?

That you should ride into a meeting and brashly condescend to the boss (whom you want to hire you) that her company sucks right now? That a winning proposal in the real world involves nothing more than a smug Let me know if you want to change that?


That's not marketing. That certainly isn't copywriting.

That's crap. And a demonstration of a complete lack of marketing knowledge.

Not to mention a severe equine fetish.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And Then There's the "Wordsmith"


These folks claim to be creative and adept at utilizing an amazing array of impressive verbiage.

Wrong sport, cupcake. This is copywriting, not screenwriting.

One of the worst mistakes copywriters and marketers make? Thinking cute and creative trumps persuasive and profitable.

Or that winning awards is better than blowing up bottom lines.

Good Copy & Marketing Won an Election

That was what drove me crazy about Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign – its reliance on flashy, superficial bite-sized #hashtags instead of addressing real issues for many of the candidate’s constituents.

This is not a blog for politics, but I watched the last few months of the election cycle with a marketer’s eye and was unsurprised that Trump won.

Trump’s team ran its campaign like Trump has done everything else – using marketing tactics and analytics to target constituents’ needs and keeping them not only sated but frothing for more until his campaign became (ultimately) successful despite being illogical.

Feel me, kitty-kat…?

Save the creativity for your personal blog or Romper room.

Unless you like declining sales...

On the other hand, if you're partial to profit, stay tuned for Part 4.

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