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Don't Be Predictable

“Once you become predictable, no one’s interested anymore.”

-Chet Atkins

I belong to a number of lists – some because I’m a customer, others because I’m genuinely interested in becoming one, and still others because I study their marketing techniques…

It helps me as a consumer, for sure. But more so as a copywriter and marketer.

Holiday Sales Pitches

Case in point…

This past Memorial Day, I nearly bought several pieces of Dodgers gear, but I stopped short.

Now… leaving items in your Shopping Cart is not uncommon.

In fact, I read an article a few weeks back about how companies are trying to deal with this issue. It’s become an issue – it’s lost revenue – and a lot of their suppositions and hypotheses have turned out to be wrong.

One reason is that they just didn’t know their market. Their methods of collecting KYC information (Know Your Customer) were ineffective because they asked the wrong/ ill-conceived questions, thereby getting useless or misguided information to create their marketing plans, which inevitably haven’t delivered good ROI.

The attitudes of many marketers have always been like those of pseudo-scientists who pose a hypothesis and then force the results of their research to match their theory.

They’re asking the wrong questions.

They’ve got to be honest with themselves.

Or their customers may experience what I did in the days following Memorial Day:

 “Solicitation fatigue”.

Solicitation Fatigue (SoFa)

I’m sure there’s a real term for it, but I don’t care.

“Solicitation fatigue”, or SoFa, is the exhaustion of your mental energy from all the solicitation emails that swamp your email Inbox every day.

It’s common.

But I had a particular strain of it, what I call HoSa-SoFa: HOliday SAle SOlicitation FAtigue.

HoSa-SoFa is not a daily syndrome but instead a seasonal one.

The symptom?

Daily emails reminding you of incredible, one-of-a-kind sales and savings.

With not a hint of self-realization or –awareness.

You’re offered 20% off an order of $50 on one holiday—only to receive several weeks later one for $10 off a $50 order on another "special" day.

The Memorial Day email I received came on the heels of similar ones from the same retailer two weeks earlier for Mother’s Day.

Which was lifted from an offer from an April Easter email…

Which followed up the requisite St. Patrick’s Day email a month earlier…

I decided not to buy on Memorial Day. Plus, I knew I’d get another offer on Father’s Day.

However, I was no longer interested once Father’s Day came.

Yet, I might change my mind. And soon.

After all, July 4th is around the corner.

And it might work this time. There’s not another holiday until Labor Day – although there might be a reason in August for a sale, such as Back to School specials.

Emailing Daily Is Not Necessarily the Problem

I’m not against emailing often, even at the risk of HoSa-SoFa.

I’m not even against emailing daily – even multiple times a day! (One marketer I follow, Ben Settle, is a proponent of this strategy; nonetheless, he's far from predictable.)

But I am suggesting that being predictable in your marketing is inefficient and costly.

Maybe some of the big retailers can afford to throw away money.

But can you?

Is Marketing Predictability Killing Your Bottom Line?

Predictable is bad. Reliable is good. Be reliable and email/market daily.

But don’t be predictable in how you do it or in what you offer.

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