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Areas of Practice


Email marketing is the lifeblood of today's successful business. If you're not emailing regularly, we'd like to know how you're eating regularly?

Gone are the days where successful businesses never emailed - or did it only sometimes. Since your customers have the attention span of a hummingbird on meth, you need to stand out. Email, email, email... 


Yes, the old ways still work. Only now, improved technology, innovation, and research methods can blow up your bottom line better than ever!

VSL Scripts

How are your customers and prospects responding to your videos? Do your videos pack a punch? Do they inform and engage? 

More importantly, does your CTA convert?

In 2017, we wrote a script to introduce a non-profit's mission: 


If not, get in touch with Damala Copywriting.


Landing pages, opt-ins, About Us, Services, Home

What does your website need? We can write it.

You reap the benefits - a fatter bottom line.


Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Linkedin. Snapchat (or is it Snap?). Yelp. Vine (oh, wait).

Do you know which of the above might be good to avoid for SMM in 2017? Do you know which coming SMM methods to take advantage of?

If you don't, that's okay. We have answers.


Advertorials have gotten a bad rap in recent years because marketers and writers have changed how they use them.

Done well, however, and they can give you an incredible ROI.

Though we are trained in the old-school advertorial methods, we keep up with the times and can deliver the perfect advertorial for you.


The trend for SEO and blog posts in 2017? Information that is engaging and informative yet still well written. 

If your articles aren't getting the attention they need, don't ignore this. 

Articles are like emails - don't do them regularly, and your business suffers; don't write them well, and people go to your competitors.


Want to announce a new product, service, or book? Want to introduce a new executive, joint venture, or innovation?

We write press releases that get attention. We distribute them so your news reaches the ideal audience.


Struggling to capture the essence of your business, product, or services in a phrase or sound bite?

Damala Copywriting can help.

This is how the concept for our business was born. Since we branded our first website and business back in 2010, we've never looked back.